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A concuise guide to smoked salmon

Cold smoked salmon

Before the smoking starts the fresh salmon filets are sprinkled with salt (the so called dry salting technique). The filets are then set to ripen and the salt slowly marinates the filets. The filets are then washed clean of any salt residue, dried for a couple of hours and the smoking may commence. The salmon is gently & carefully smoked on a mix of several wood sorts. The smoking takes place at a temperature of under the 24º C degrees (this explains the name Cold Smoking). The time involved in the smoking process can vary substantially according to the weight, size and fat content of the salmon. The smoking varies between 8 & 16 hours.

All of the above mentioned artisan process, performed by highly skilled employees (Master Smokers) contribute to ensure that you receive the finest & most consistent smoked salmon on the market today.

Hot smoked salmon

Most of the initial process is very similar if not identical to the Cold Smoked process. The big difference occurs in the temperature and time used to smoked the salmon. To make hot smoked salmon a different mix of wood chips is used subtly altering the taste, the salmon filet is then smoked at a much higher temperature, around the 70º C and you could say that the salmon is effectively cooked through, this process according to an ancient Dutch recipe. The time used to smoke also varies according to the size, weight & fat content, (this process takes between the 3 & the 5 hours .) The resulting flavor is delicate and the product is slightly more flakey than cold smoked salmon but definitely worth a try. Hot smoked salmon can be eaten both cold & warm. Why not try them all and taste the difference, to make things a little more complicated We also have a choice out of several other smoked delicacies from smoked Trout to smoked Tuna to smoked halibut and let’s not forget our marinated products.

Gravad Laks (marinated Salmon)

Gravad Laks ) marinated Salmon  The word Gravad originally meant buried , and this was also the way the original Graved laks was prepared in Scandinavia. ( the fresh salmon were embedded in furrows filled with herbs and covered with soil, a process that improved both the shelf life & creating a special taste.) This Salmon delicacy today is marinated in a mixture of dill, mustard seeds, sugar & salt ( according to traditional Scandinavian recipe with a slight H. van Wijnen twist ) and then laid to rest & ripen for at least 24 hours at a temperature that doesn’t exceed the 3º C. A culinary treat that is often eaten with a honey mustard dip. Wild MSC Alaskan Salmon.  Sustainably caught and managed ( in the wild and pure waters of Alaska , Pacific Ocean )

Hendricks precise & peculiar guide to salmon slicing

When we talk about salmon slices we often talk about a D-cut or Long slice but what does that mean? What’s the difference …….. ? Well, let us try to explain this with the help of some visual aid. Taking off from a traditionally smoked salmon side as you can see in the image below there are several possible ways to slice our scrumptious smoked salmon.


The long slice technique originally comes from Scotland and basically consists in horizontally slicing the salmon in thin even slices ( creating a “long thin slice” of smoked salmon. The long sliced salmon is without brown meat and is selected by us in 2 categories M19 ( slices aprox. 19cm long ) & M24 ( slices aprox. 24cm long )


This sort of slicing originates from the Scandinavian countries and consists of a vertical slicing of the smoked salmon side. According to the degree in which the vertical cutting equipment is placed a longer or shorter slice can be produced.

Naturally the amount of brown meat left influences the sales price, and it is completely your choice. H. van Wijnen has a slice to fit every budget.

So now the choice is up to you! Too much to choose from? Please contact our sales department, they would be happy to advise and find the right solution.