H. van Wijnen - Since 1864

Quality Assured

All our products are sourced according to a strict company policy, stringently controlled on arrival, during several stages of production and before departure.

Our Quality Assurance Department and our specifically trained personnel handle check and produce our fish delicacies according to the IFS standards (International Food Standard) & our own extremely strict company quality policy.

State of the art Metal detection and visual control exclude the possibility of foreign objects in our products. A full Food Defense Program is in place to assure no unauthorized people can access our plant without our knowledge.

Hygiene, HACCP, First in First out and Traceability are followed to the letter to insure and assure you that not only you will receive the best smoked fish money can buy but also the most responsible (ASC, MSC) and controlled product on the market.

We use internationally accredited independent STER laboratories to do microbiological and chemical tests on weekly bases.

The organoleptic checks are done internally, this because the product is so good.

For any questions or queries about quality, please contact our Quality Assurance Department.