H. van Wijnen - Since 1864

Taste & Tradition

Taste & Tradition are together with Passion the 3 pillars on which the modern day H. van Wijnen operates. These pillars are scrupulously guarded and acted on in every choice, decision and product we make. Taste, Tradition and passion are intrinsically entwined and guarantee only the most mouthwatering smoked fish delicacies money can buy.

Taste is the base of every product, hand fileting, gently salting, smoking to perfection and treating every individual fish with the respect and passion it deserves are the key to perfect smoked fish.

Tradition is in our blood. As a family owned business, we have been involved in catching, smoking and selling salmon for over 3 centuries, learning the trade from our forefathers and theirs before them. Traditional high quality service & highly trained staff are ready to advise, help and make sure you get exactly what you want and need when you want it.

So as you can see we have not chosen our slogan lightly!

Taste & Tradition guarantee our commitment in every aspect of the food chain from sourcing sustainable raw materials to strict quality controls & from using environmentally friendly packaging were possible to making sure your delivery is perfect and on time.

Do not accept anything less. H. van Wijnen’s Taste and Tradition are the tercentennial mark of quality you are looking for.